Aged Care Cleaning Services

Aged Care Cleaning Services

Are you looking for Aged Care cleaning services in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane? If so, imagine having a provider that does such a good job, auditors actually comment on the cleanliness of your facility! This has actually happened to us (as shown in the testimonial on this page).

Aged Care Cleaning Company

We are experienced cleaners in the aged care industry, so we understand how vital hygiene and cleanliness is to your staff, clients and their families. That's why we put an enormous focus on quality assurance procedures and ensuring that your facility is consistently hygienic and spotless, day in day out, 7 days a week.

Our service offering features competitive pricing, a better standard of cleaning and better service experience. How? We do weekly quality inspections and monthly cleaning audits on your site to ensure your requirements and standards are maintained. Our own quality assurance audits ensure that any emerging issues are picked up, before they ever arise, and in the event that there is any issue you want given attention, or an emergency cleaning situation, you can expect a reaction to the issues within 4 hours of us being notified.

Our management and cleaning systems are backed by an ISO 9001 certification, so we run a worlds best practice quality management system. We can come to you and do a no cost obligation free site assessment and quote.

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ISO 9001 Aged Care Cleaning Company


I am delighted to provide this commercial reference for Smart Cleaning Solutions… Our relationship stems over 4 years…[they] look after the day to day cleaning requirements of our six facilities… they put our well-being first and there is 100% focus on maintaining our satisfaction…From the dedicate infectious control/outbreak team, to their accredited preparation detailing service and then the weekly and monthly audit system of both our facility and their staffs performance, we feel nothing is left to chance… We have always passed our accreditation’s with flying colours with auditors even commenting on how impressed they were with our service provider. I have every confidence in recommending Smart to any aged care facility looking for a professional and pleasurable cleaning experience.

Cameron MacPerson
Medical & Aged Care Group

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