Cleaning for Gyms, Sporting facilities & Aquatic Centers.

Smart Cleaning Solutions has extensive experience in cleaning gymnasiums and sporting clubs, leagues clubs, golf clubs, social & community clubs, RSL clubs and sporting venues.

We clean sporting facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth so if you are looking for a gym cleaner we can help. Environments we clean include:

  • General member and administration areas.
  • Washrooms, change rooms and toilets.
  • Specialised areas such as Gyms, Aquatic areas, auditoriums, entertainment areas, Sporting courts, and Smokers areas.
  • Kitchen catering and food preparation areas.
  • Hard Floors.
  • Window Cleaning.
  • Carpet Cleaning.
  • We also do waste management/removal.

We can also offer any other specialist cleaning you may require, just ask, we’ll certainly have a Smart Cleaning Solution for you.

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Simply give us a call or send us an email via the form on this page, and we’ll arrange to visit your facility, identify your cleaning requirements and give you a competitive written quote.

We promise you a competitive price, a better clean and a better service, backed by ISO 9001 certified management systems and our total commitment to your satisfaction.

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What Tennis Australia Said About our Cleaning Services

Since coming onsite Smart Cleaning Solutions has been able to contribute to the improved presentation and cleanliness of our venues with comments received from regular visitors within the first week of operations.… Communications between Tennis World staff and Smart Cleaning Solutions has always been positive at all levels…If issues have been raised from time to time their response has always been swift action to keep satisfaction levels high… Their professionalism communication and commitment to high quality outcomes has led to a positive working relationship and great customer experiences at our sites

Steve Marquis

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