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Are You Sick of Commercial Cleaners that Don’t Clean Properly?

If so, you’re not alone! Over the past eight years we have talked to hundreds of companies about commercial cleaning and found that 75% of them are unhappy with their cleaners, and even worse, after hiring and firing multiple cleaning companies, many said they doubted they would ever find professional cleaners that would deliver them the standard of cleaning they want!

To Put an End to this Ridiculous Situation we Developed the World’s Best Cleaning Management System! We call it ‘A Smarter Way’

'A Smarter Way" Commercial Cleaning App

But what is “A Smarter Way”?  

‘A Smarter Way’ is a transparent, cloud based cleaning management system that ensures every item in your agreed cleaning schedule gets cleaned, every time, without fail! And it’s exclusive and only available to customers of Smart Cleaning Solutions

‘A Smarter Way’ combines a mobile app (used by our cleaners and account managers) and an online cleaning management portal (available for you to use 24/7). Together with our highly motivated workforce, ‘A Smarter Way’ delivers the worlds best and most reliable cleaning management system. Here’s how it works…

Using ‘A Smarter Way’ your facilities manager can log into a secure client portal and confirm, in real time, if and when every important cleaning task you have contracted us to do gets done! The system records critical cleaning tasks getting cleaned, in real time and ensures any urgent communication you need to make around cleaning in your facility are received and acted upon. This revolutionary capability resolves every problem, every frustration you have ever had with cleaners.

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Did you know that over the last 8 Years, we have Doubled the Size of our Business Every Year?

If you’re in business yourself, you’ll realise that you can’t possibly double the size of your business every year if you aren’t satisfying your customers. Growth like that requires retaining the customers you get. Our incredible growth is evidence that when we get clients, we keep them satisfied. Everything we do at Smart Cleaning Solutions is about reliability & consistency and A Smarter Way’ is a natural outcome of our relentless pursuit of perfection.

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What Questions Should you Ask when Interviewing Cleaners?

Every cleaning company you talk to will try and convince you that they’re your best choice cleaner, so how do you objectively assess the capabilities of all the cleaning companies you talk to?  Smart Cleaning Solutions CEO, Nicholas Pastras, has over 23 years’ experience in the Commercial Cleaning industry. Below you’ll find his comprehensive list of the best questions to ask a cleaning company. It’s a pdf containing 37 questions under 7 topics, and is laid out with tick boxes so you can conveniently use it in interviews.

Cleaning Service

Download Interview a Contract Cleaner Checklist 



Hotel Cleaning

“Smart have provided us with a cost effective and trouble free solution over the entire 7 day week…”


Matthew Flinders Hotel

Hotel we clean

“Smart Clean deliver on their promises… Our hotel is cleaner now than it’s ever been… “

CitiClub Hotel

Hotel Cleaning Services

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Aged Care Cleaning

Medical & Aged Care

There is 100% focus on our satisfaction… we always pass our accreditation’s with flying colours with auditors even commenting on how impressed they were with our service provider!

Aged care cleaning facilities
Aged Care Cleaners


Stadium cleaning

Tennis Australia

Their professionalism, communication and commitment to high quality outcomes has led to a positive working relationship and great customer experiences at our sites.

Corporate Cleaning

Gym & Sports Cleaning


Childcare cleaning

“Weekly site inspections by dedicated account managers is something that sets Smart Clean apart.”

Think Childcare

Childcare cleaners

“Customer service is something Smart Clean does really well.  I could not recommend them higher.”

G8 Education

Childcare Cleaning

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"We promise you the most reliable, easy to communicate with, best managed cleaning service you have ever experienced."

Nicholas Pastras, CEO Smart Cleaning Solutions


Cleaners – Professional, Police Checked & Work Care Insured:

●  Office Cleaning, CBD & Metropolitan Areas

●  Pub, Bar, Tavern & Night Club cleaning

●  Hotel Housekeeping – Motels & Accommodation

●  School Cleaning Services DET # 1569

●  Specialist Stadium Cleaning Contractors

●  Hygienic Hospital & Medical Centre Cleaning

●  Retail Cleaning for Shopping Centres

●  Restaurants, Cafes and Shops

 Office Cleaning Company – Commercial Cleaning Contractors.

We are an ISO 9001 certified commercial cleaning company, which means our customer service and office cleaning management systems are independently audited to the exacting ISO 9001:2015 standard.

But what does that mean to you? It means our client communication, cleaning and site management systems have been independently audited and confirmed to comply with world’s best management practices. Using ISO certified management systems is a part of our commitment to provide the most reliable, easy to communicate with, best managed cleaning service you have ever experienced!

You get your own dedicated site supervisor, available to you anytime you need to communicate specific feedback or request emergency or additional services. Does your current contract cleaner provide:

  • Consistent cleaning and exceptional lines of communication?
  • Weekly quality assurance checks & monthly cleaning audits against your agreed, documented cleaning schedule?
  • Reaction to issues within 4 hours of being notified?
  • 24/7 service coverage?
  • AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems
  • 20 million dollar public liability coverage

Commercial Cleaning Company – Australia Wide Coverage

We are one of Australia’s top cleaning companies with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth, providing uniformed, police checked cleaners for businesses wanting consistent and reliable cleaning on one or multiple sites. We provide contract cleaning services for Hotels, Pubs, RSL Clubs, Gyms, Schools, Childcare, Aged Care, Medical Centres, & Hospitals.

What is the one thing that distinguishes our cleaning service from other cleaning companies? We really care about cleaning excellence and your satisfaction and place a massive emphasis on consistent cleaning standards, being reliable, responsive and easy to communicate with.

That’s why we developed ‘A Smarter Way’, the worlds most advanced cleaning management system, exclusive to Smart Cleaning Solutions and our customers.

Our commercial cleaning services include:

●  Janitorial Services

●  Factory, Warehouses & Industrial

●  Hard floors, Carpet & Windows

●  High Pressure & Steam Cleaning

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Melbourne – National Head Office

Smart Cleaning Solutions – Melbourne
Central 2, Level 3, Suite 44,
1 Ricketts Road, Mount Waverley, Vic 3149
PH: 1300 664 647

Hotel Cleaning Dept.

Smart Cleaning Solutions – Hotel Dept.
Suite 7, Level 23, Collins Square Tower Five,
727 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3008
PH: 1300 664 647

Commercial Cleaning Service with a genuine national presence we have the capacity and management structures in place to roll out cleaning services for corporate brands, nation wide. Our Head office in Melbourne handles Victoria and Tasmania. For information about our state branches please see the following pages.

NSW: Smart Cleaning Solutions – Sydney

Queensland: Smart Cleaning Solutions – Brisbane

South Australia & NT: Smart Cleaning Solutions – Adelaide

Western Australia: Smart Cleaning Solutions – Perth

Australia’s most experienced hotel cleaners, we will match or beat any reasonable commercial cleaning quote.

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