City of Monash - Monash University

The City of Monash is a local Government area in metropolitan Melbourne, that encompasses 14 south eastern suburbs, including:

  • Ashwood, 3147.
  • Burwood, 3125
  • Chadstone, 3148
  • Clayton, 3168
  • Glen Waverley, 3150
  • Hughesdale, 3166
  • Huntingdale, 3166
  • Mount Waverley, 3149
  • Mulgrave, 3170
  • Notting Hill, 3168
  • Oakleigh, 3166
  • Oakleigh East, 3166
  • Oakleigh South, 3167
  • Wheelers Hill, 3150

The city of Monash includes residential housing, business and office space and industrial zones, and has some significant parklands, including Valley Reserve and Jells Park.

Monash University

Monash University Clayton Campus

Monash University Clayton Campus

The City was named after Sir John Monash, a Civil engineer and Australian military commander who held many important commands in the First World War, including the command of the 4th Infantry Brigade, which was a battalion that was involved significantly in the Gallipoli campaign. Monash is considered one of the best Allied Generals of the First World War and is arguably Australia’s most famous military commander.

Australia’s second oldest university, Monash University, is also named after Sir John Monash and it's oldest and most famous campus, (the Clayton Campus), is located within the City of Monash. Monash University is one of Australia's most prestigious Universities, the home of many prominent Australian research facilities, and is considered to be one of Australia’s most important medical research facilities.

Monash University is highly regarded internationally and the University has been acknowledged for many world first research breakthroughs, including the worlds first IVF pregnancy, the discovery of the anti influenza drug Relenza, the discovery that nerve stem cells could be derived from embryonic stem cells, and the development of a single use anti-maleria drug.

Monash University has 10 faculties, including Design and Architecture, Arts, Business & Economics, Education, Engineering, IT, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy and Science.

The Monash University library has a massive rare books collection, and Monash University also has a number of notable galleries including, the MADA Gallery, the Switchback Gallery and the Monash University Museum of Art

Around 65% of students enrolled at Monash University are Australian Citizens and 35% international students, and the University has 13 Halls of residence for accommodating students on Campus.

Monash University is very close to Mount Waverley, 3149 which is a suburb in the City of Monash, in Greater Metropolitan Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, which it's the home of Smart Cleaning Solutions National Corporate Office. It's only 6 minutes by car to get from Smart Cleaning Solutions head office to Monash Universities Clayton Campus, as shown in the Google Map below.

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