Mount Dandenong & The Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne

Mount Dandenong

Mount Dandenong

Smart Cleaning Solutions CEO Nicholas Pastras is penning a series of articles about Melbourne and in this article he writes about Melbourne’s most popular day trip/bed and breakfast destination, Mount Dandenong.

Mount Dandenong is less than an hours drive from the Melbourne CBD,  in the picturesque Shire of The Yarra Ranges. It is part of the Dandenong Ranges, which is part of the Great Dividing Range. Mount Dandenong is one of Melbourne’s most popular day trip destinations. A day in the Dandenong Ranges is action packed, there is so much to see and do, you will find yourself returning to this magical place again and again, and it caters brilliantly for family outings and romantic getaways - the area has some of the best bed and breakfast venues in Australia, let alone Melbourne.

Wind the Windows Down - The Air is So Fresh you can Taste it!

Wind the windows down, the air is so fresh, you can taste it!

The Dandenong Ranges are exceptionally beautiful and filled with breathtaking scenery; native forests of mountain ash and fern trees, discernibly fresh air and a bevy of tourist destinations including state and national parks, local artisan shops, cafes, restaurants, clothes stores, and tourist attractions; including Puffing Billy, William Ricketts Sanctuary, the Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden (formerly known as the National Rhododendron Garden), The Sky High Bistro, The Mount Dandenong Observatory and more romantic bed and breakfast cottages per square kilometre than any other region in Victoria.

Mount Dandenong Tourist Road – The Gateway to The Dandenong’s

Sky High at Night - Mt Dandenong

Sky High at Night - Mt Dandenong

Weaving through the native forrest and quaint towns that make up The Dandenong Ranges is the aptly named Mount Dandenong Tourist road, which is a wonderful scenic drive peppered with lookouts and views. Wind the windows down as you travel through the magnificent mountain ash and fern trees, the air is so fresh, you can taste it! Highlights on the drive include the lookout at Kalorama, which features a view of the Warburton Ranges and Silvan Reservoir, or turn off Ridge Road to make the journey to the Mount Dandenong Observatory, which offers stunning views of Melbourne, particularly at night, from the peak of Mount Dandenong’s 633 meter elevation. And while your there, if you fancy a bite to eat you can dine at the fabulous Sky High Bistro.

William Rickets Sanctuary

A must see in any trip to the Dandenongs is the William Ricketts Sanctuary. The sanctuary was designed by the renowned Australian potter and sculptor of the same name and in 1961 the Victorian Government bought the Sanctuary from William Ricketts and made it into a public park. In it’s eucalyptus forest Ricketts carved 92 ceramic sculptures depicting people and animals from Aboriginal Dreamtime stories.

Dandenong Ranges National Park

Wind the Windows Down - The Air is So Fresh you can Taste it!The Dandenong Ranges national Park, formerly known as The National Rhododendron Gardens, is a 38 hectare Garden located just 500m from the village of Olinda on The mount Dandenong Tourist Road. Spectacular and absolutely breathtaking in spring when the gardens are in full bloom. The garden was first established in 1962 by the Australian Rhododendron Society, and was gifted to the People of Victoria and taken over by Parks Victoria in 1995.

Puffing Billy

Puffing Billy is one of Victoria’s most popular tourist attractions, no doubt owing to it’s popularity with families. On any given day you will find Puffing Billy filled to the brim with kids, grandparents and families enjoying the historic steam train as it takes it’s passengers on a scenic journey on a 50km scenic journey through the beautiful Mountain Ash and eucalyptus forests of the Dandenong Ranges, from Belgrave to Gembrook.

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