At Smart Cleaning, our objective is to develop trusted long-term relationships with "happy customers" and everything we do is designed to support that aim.

In our experience, happy customers are people who feel satisfied that they get value for money service from a trusted supplier that they know has a focus on quality, service and consistency.

To ensure we achieve this we invest in developing ISO9001 certificied cleaning processes and procedures, which means well documented and meticulously managed quality, which we ensure by performing weekly quality inspections and quarterly cleaning audits, which are performed by a dedicated account manager. We also place a huge emphasis on being responsive to your feedback because we understand how important trust and good communication is to your satisfaction.

Our extensive client base and cleaning experience covers a wide cross-section of businesses including:-

  • Major household consumer good suppliers (head office and stores)
  • Telecommunications providers (offices and exchanges)
  • Food manufacturers
  • Major hotel groups
  • Leading apartment hotels (including housekeeping)
  • Gymnasium groups
  • Child care
  • Aged Care
  • Medical and Professional suites as well as
  • Office Cleaning

We are very proud of our many excellent and long term client relationships we have developed, which is reflected in the many excellent letters of commendation that we have received from customers that trust and value our service.

So if you are looking for a new cleaner, we invite you to give us a go, and we'll make that a super easy decision by offering you a 7 day risk free cleaning trial with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.