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Are Commercial Cleaners in Brisbane Delivering the Clean you Need?

If you answered ‘no’ to this question, take consolation from the fact that your experience the norm in Brisbane. In fact,on average, three out of four businesses in we talk to tell us they are unhappy and frustrated with the quality of the commercial cleaning services they receive?

At Smart Cleaning Solutions, we’d like to assure you, there’s nothing average about the way we clean. We are the fastest growing cleaning company in Australia and our commitment to excellence is non negotiable, and a huge part of why our business is growing so fast. We really value customer satisfaction, being our word and keeping our promises! We have doubled in size every year for eight consecutive years, which is an amazing record that we are very proud of, as it clearly indicates that we are doing the right thing by our customers, something that’s very rare in our industry!

So, if you’re sick of unreliable cleaners delivering substandard results, contact Smart Cleaning Solutions for an obligation free site assessment and quote.

We are Independently Audited by the International Standards Organisation on our Capacity to Satisfy Customers

Our ISO 9001 certification means all our operating procedures and cleaning systems are independently audited and certified to conform to worlds best practice, so when you choose Smart Cleaning Solutions, you should expect high cleaning standards and great customer service.

Fill out the ‘get a quote’ form you’ll find on this page; or give us a call. We won’t compromise on quality and we guarantee you superior cleaning, at a competitive price.

Here’s a Few Reasons Why Our Cleaning Service is Better

1. ALL OUR CLEANERS ARE POLICE CHECKED, which means you can trust our people on your premises after hours. This is vitally important, especially when cleaners are required to work after hours, unsupervised.

2. All our cleaners are formally trained in maintaining site security, which is again vitally important because cleaners are often responsible for unlocking and locking up facilities on their own.

Get a quote from a cleaning company that cares about being reliable, high standards of hygiene and customer satisfaction. Check out the calibre of our clients the testimonials, watch the video above and see the evidence for yourself. We will match or beat any realistic quote.

Video Overview of our Cleaning Services


Hotel Cleaning

“Smart have provided us with a cost effective and trouble free solution over the entire 7 day week…”


Matthew Flinders Hotel

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Hotel we clean

“Smart Clean deliver on their promises… Our hotel is cleaner now than it’s ever been… “

CitiClub Hotel

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Hotel Cleaning Services

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Aged Care Cleaning

Medical & Aged Care

There is 100% focus on our satisfaction… we always pass our accreditation’s with flying colours with auditors even commenting on how impressed they were with our service provider!

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Aged care cleaning facilities
Aged Care Cleaners


Stadium cleaning

Tennis Australia

Their professionalism, communication and commitment to high quality outcomes has led to a positive working relationship and great customer experiences at our sites.

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Corporate Cleaning

Gym & Sports Cleaning


Childcare cleaning

“Weekly site inspections by dedicated account managers is something that sets Smart Clean apart.”

Think Childcare

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Childcare cleaners

“Customer service is something Smart Clean does really well.  I could not recommend them higher.”
CEO Smart Cleaning Solutions

"We promise you the most reliable, easy to communicate with, best managed cleaning service you have ever experienced."

Nicholas Pastras, CEO Smart Cleaning Solutions

commercial cleaning quotesor call 1300 66 46 47

Cleaners – Office Cleaning in Brisbane:

We supply police checked, vevo checked, uniformed cleaners who arrive on site fully equipped, ready to clean your office or workplace. Every month account managers audit your facility and provide a written report to you and the on site cleaners. You provide any necessary feedback and we take care of everything.

●  Office Cleaning, Brisbane CBD & metropolitan areas

●  Professional School & Childcare cleaning services

●  Sports Court & recreation areas

●  Stadium cleaning contractors

●  Specialist Medical Centre cleaning

●  Retail cleaning for shopping centres

●  Restaurants, Cafes and Shops

●  Aged Care Facilities

●  Industrial cleaning for a factory or warehouse

●  Childcare & School cleaning services DET # 1569

●  Corporate cleaners – consistency across multiple locations and States

●  Competitive cleaning quotes. Will match any reasonable quote

Free Checklist for Interviewing Cleaners

Download Interview a Contract Cleaner Checklist 

Janitorial Cleaning Services for Offices & Businesses

We provide janitorial commercial cleaning services to all types of businesses in Queensland.

●  Janitorial Services throughout Queensland

●  Childcare Centers and Schools

●  Hotels, Motels & Accommodation

●  Hospital, Medical & Aged Care

●  Gastro Outbreak Cleans

●  Hygienic Cleaning

●  Bathroom, Washroom & Toilets

●  Factory, Warehouses & Industrial

●  Hard floor ‘strip & seal’

●  Carpet, Window, High Pressure & Steam

●  One of Australia’s top cleaning companies

We have vast experience in the following industries and clean hundreds of businesses in these niches on a daily basis.


Hotel Cleaning Services Brisbane

We started our business cleaning hotels and no one knows more about cleaning hotels than us. We clean over 250 Pubs Australia wide and more than 8500 hotel rooms daily. For more information and a video of our services in hospitality and hotels visit our hotel cleaning pages.

• Brisbane’s best hotel cleaning company,

• Pub cleaning, Bars, Nightclubs, RSL Clubs, Taverns and Motels,

• Housekeeping Agency Services to the Hospitality industry

• Hotel Housekeeping – room & linen cleaning service

Aged Care

Aged Care Cleaning Services in Brisbane

Imagine aged care cleaning so thorough, auditors compliment you on the state of your facility. This has actually happened to one of our clients. We have vast experience in Aged Care cleaning and can provide competitive,  cleaning services that include waste management and infectious disease cleans. We have expert understanding of hygienic anti-bacterial cleaning principles and of infection control measures that need to be implemented to prevent the spread of disease and infection.

• Laundry services included when required.

• ISO9001:2015 certified Aged Care Cleaning Company

• We follow Hygienic anti-bacterial cleaning procedures as prescribed by health departments

Fitness Centre – Gyms

Sports Cleaning Company for Gyms, Sports Studios, Stadiums & Aquatic Centres in Queensland

Smart Cleaning Solutions has comprehensive experience in cleaning gyms, cleaning  over 55, every day, Australia wide. We also clean the Sydney Tennis Centre. Whatever sports facility you own or manage, we can keep it hygienic and clean for your members.

To contact our Head Office visit Smart Cleaning Solutions – Melbourne

Brisbane Office 

Smart Cleaning Solutions – Brisbane
Suite 5, L54/111 Eagle Street,
Brisbane, Qld, 4000
1300 664 647

Picture of Smart Cleaning Solutions Brisbane office

Picture of Smart Cleaning Solutions Brisbane office

Childcare Agency

Childcare and Pre-School Cleaning Services Brisbane

We have vast experience in childcare cleaning – in fact we clean more than 150 childcare centres nationally on a daily basis, and out DET authorised supplier No. for School Cleaning is 1569. All our cleaning staff are Police and VEVO checked. We use anti-bacterial cleaning solutions to keep high touch areas hygienic (eg play tables in childcare centres) and in washrooms and toilets, where we particularly focus to toilet seats and S bends.

• Best Contract Child Care Cleaning Company in Queensland

• Free Childcare Cleaner Quotes

• Extensive number of experienced Childcare Cleaners

We are are Australia’s fastest growing commercial cleaners and clean more than 8500 hotel rooms Australia wide every day.