Criterion Hotel

The Criterion Hotel is also called the Criterion Tavern, and it is located at 239 George Street in Brisbane. This is a good location since it’s close to the city centre. It is at the river end of Adelaide Street, and it’s only a block or so from the Queen Street Mall. The tavern is literary at the heart of Brisbane's CBD, but it is a little difficult to locate. It is a somewhat underground pub because it is in a downstairs secret hideaway space. You can still have an easy time finding it if you know your way around Brisbane, if you use a map app, or if you ask some locals for directions.

The bar is frequented by locals, sports fans, families, and groups of friends. The bar is suitable for large groups of people and you can always find enough sitting space if you bring along a whole party. It’s also a bit of a sports bar, so you can find crowds of fans watching games and cheering for local Brisbane teams during match days. The tavern also attracts a big lunch crowd, mostly people from offices and businesses that are nearby.

The Criterion Hotel has both indoor and outdoor sitting areas. The indoor area is divided into three sections. There is an area for gaming, an area for lounging, and an area with lines of high tables and stools for those who want to enjoy a quick meal or drink. The gaming area has pool tables, dart boards, and other typical pub gaming equipment. The outdoor sitting area consists of a bistro-style sitting area, and a beer garden which has lots of comfortable couches arranged in various segregated areas so that different groups or parties can enjoy some privacy. The outdoor beer garden is quite extensive, and it can accommodate lots of people. The atmosphere at the tavern is groovy and relaxing, and it’s definitely a great place for a casual conversation and a cold beer.

Unlike most bars, you can find red wine on tap at the Criterion Tavern. Happy hour wine options include Shiraz and Sav Blanc. There are also lots of beers on tap including a number of great lagers. All drinks are decently priced, and you can take advantage of their generous happy hour deals to get more value for your money.

The bar serves both pub grub food items and full restaurant meals. The rump steak special is a big hit with many customers, and the lamb shank steak sandwich is just as popular. You can also enjoy some great chicken schnitzel with chips and salad at the bar. There are also a number of gluten-free meal options on the menu. The mushroom sauce is fantastic, and it pairs well with the Angus steak. They also have great coleslaw and a wide range of burger options. You should pay attention to the specials because the chef often comes up with delightful dishes which aren't on the regular menu.

The service at the Criterion tavern is quick, and all their employees are pleasant and attentive. Even though the place it typically busy, you can be sure that your order will be served promptly and accurately. The staff's level of professionalism is remarkable and the facilities are always clean. For entertainment, there are lots of television screens which usually show live matches. You can also play some pool, and they have TAB and pokies if you are interested. They usually have a DJ who plays lots of funky songs. A mixture of catchy tunes from the 70s and specialized lighting effects give the tavern a cheerful ambiance. Overall, the Criterion Tavern is a great place to have drinks with friends, especially if you are a sports fan.

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