Mt Glorious Getaways

Mount Glorious Getaways is a collection of cottages that are located at Browns Road in Mount Glorious, Queensland, just outside Brisbane. It's a great destination for families or groups of friends who want to have a relaxing retreat in a natural environment. Here, you can enjoy the fresh air of the rainforest, go bird watching, or observe the native wildlife.

Mt Glorious Getaways is one of the most popular destination wedding venues near Brisbane. The lawn area in the homestead is often used for wedding ceremonies, and it can accommodate about 150 guests.

Instead of the typical rooms and suites, Mt Glorious Getaways houses guests in a number of cottages in a mostly forested area. The cottages are different in design and aesthetic, but they all have well-designed interiors, great decors, and nice furniture. They also have fireplaces, which come in handy during the winter. The cottages are named after popular Australian birds. The Blue Wren Chalet Cottage is designed for large groups of people, and it’s great for a family with half a dozen people or so. The Kingfisher Cottage is much smaller, and it’s ideal for couples. The Yellow Robin Cottage and the Bowerbird cottage are great for families with one or two children.

All the cottages have kitchens which are equipped with modern facilities. You can bring your own food and prepare it in the cottage, or you can eat out at one of the many great restaurants that are close by. You will be provided with clean bedding and towels throughout your stay. There is also a TV and DVD player in the cottage, although most people prefer to spend their time experiencing the natural environment.

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