Oxley Tavern

The Oxley Tavern is at 146 Blunder Road in Brisbane. There is plenty of parking right at the tavern, and the pub has a fresh modern feel to it. It’s a great place to have a quick bite with the family on the weekends. It’s great for events such as Christmas parties, birthdays, and outing with colleagues. It also attracts a sizable crowd of sports fans and punters, especially during the evening when there are live local matches on TV.

The tavern has undergone renovations in the recent past. It has high set ceilings and an appearance that is generally clean and presentable. There is a nice bar as well as sports and betting areas. The sitting areas are segmented, and the pokies area is separate from the rest of the bar. There is also an outdoor beer garden that overlooks the main road. The garden is well covered, and it has a great atmosphere especially during warm evenings. There is also a nice open area with lots of picnic tables and umbrellas. The sitting areas are furnished with comfortable modern seats, and the walls are covered with nice a décor. The Oxley Tavern is not too fancy, but everything at the place is very clean, stylish and well appointed.

The Oxley Tavern has a wide-ranging menu that includes items such as burgers, Korean wings, chicken parmigiana, calamari, rump steaks, chips, salad, chicken schnitzel, onion rings, pizza, hotdogs, Buffalo wings, and stick barbeque ribs. The burgers come in a number of vegetarian options, although the most popular one seems to be the chicken burger. The Korean wings are particularly delicious, and they are the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. The southern style wings have a nice light breaded coating, and they too are just as delicious. Each serving consists of 5 wings, all of which are meaty and sizable. You can enjoy your wings along with some oven fresh garlic bread.

There are also a number of kids' meals on the menu since it's a family restaurant. If you have children with you, the staff will prioritize their food to avoid making them impatient. The kids' food comes with colouring books and crayons to keep them occupied so that the grownups can have the time to relax and enjoy their meals. There are also lots of ice cream and soft drink options for the kids to pick from. In case you have special dietary needs such as a gluten allergy, there is no shortage of gluten-free options on the menu.

The Oxley Tavern has lots of beers options on tap, and the prices are always pretty decent. They also serve lots of cocktails and wines, as well as soft drinks and coffee. The staff is very friendly and efficient, and the drinks and food orders are always delivered pretty quickly. Even if you show up with a large group and without a reservation, you will be promptly seated and served. For entertainment, there are a few slot machines at the tavern, and you can also bet on live sporting events. The Oxley Tavern also hosts karaoke nights on certain occasions, and you can participate if you want to.

Tavern Cleaning Services

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