The Gap Tavern

The Gap Tavern is located at 21 Glenquarie Place in Brisbane. It is part of the Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group, which operates a chain of about 330 venues, many of which are cleaned by Smart Cleaning Solutions, who are the largest hotel cleaners in Australia. There are lots of affordable parking spaces available at the tavern. The tavern has a great view of The Gap and Saint John's Wood. It is slightly out of the way and it’s not very easy to locate, but the serenity of the location and the nice views of the hills make it a worthwhile choice.

The Gap Tavern has a family restaurant. They have an extensive play area for children, so you can eat and drink while your kids hang out in a playroom. They also have lots of toys and fun activities for the children, including face painting. The tavern has a discounted senior's menu, so the elderly can enjoy affordable meals and drinks during off-peak hours. If you want to have some fun with your entire family on a Friday or Saturday night in Brisbane, the Gap Tavern is a great option for you.

The tavern has a large indoor dining area as well as a sizable outside deck, which looks beautiful especially on a fine night. If you prefer indoor dining you have a choice of several seating areas with different furnishings and decors. The venue is designed to cater for big family gatherings, so each segment can sit up to a dozen people or so. The indoor areas are air-conditioned, so the ambient temperature is always comfortable, even during hot summers. The washrooms are well equipped with changing tables for babies and toddlers, there are special latrines for the disabled and the guest facilities are fastidiously cleaned every day. The play area is fenced and properly secured, so you don't have to worry about your kids getting in trouble. During the weekends, the atmosphere is usually very vibrant, and everyone has something fun to do. The children joyfully play around in their designated area, and the adults catch up with friends over a few drinks. The drinks are plentiful. The tavern has an affordable yet decent wine list, as well as a wide selection of beers and cocktails.

The Gap Tavern offers full course meals all of which are usually freshly prepared and delicious. Their special rump steak and pork ribs are very popular with most of their patrons. They also serve great crispy skin salmon which pairs well with their chips. Their other delicacies include special soups, chicken schnitzels, sirloin steak, and fettuccini carbonara. They also serve great seafood, which is often topped up with their signature creamy garlic prawns. For dessert, we recommend their delightful custard slice. All in all, they have some of the tastiest pub food that you will ever have. They also have lots of food and snack options for the children, including both treats and healthy meals.

The Gap Tavern has a large staff. There are waiters, bartenders, as well as babysitters who watch and entertain the children. The service is swift, and the waiters always clear the tables immediately after you finish your meals so that you can have enough space for your drinks. The entire experience is rather smooth and fun. Since the establishment is part of a franchise, you can get coupons and Groupons online. However, even without the discount coupons, the prices at the Gap Tavern are all very pocket-friendly.

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