The Platform Bar

The Platform Bar is part of the Grand Central Hotel, which is located at 270 Ann Street in Brisbane Central Station. Its location is convenient because it’s right at one of the city’s most important transportation terminals. It is right under the Central Railway Station and adjacent to the King George Square. It’s the bar of choice for anyone who wishes to grab a drink or a quick meal right at the city centre.

Most of the bar's patrons are people who work in the Brisbane CBD. Crowds of locals flock into the bar during happy hour after a long day of work. The bar is also part of a larger restaurant that has lots of family-friendly menu options. If you bring your kids along, you can enjoy your drinks peacefully while they play in a dedicated area. Apart from local workers and their families, the bar is also frequented by hordes of tourists and shoppers.

The building that houses The Platform Bar and the Grand Central Hotel is historical, and it has served Brisbane residents for generations. Although it has changed ownership and it has been refurbished a few times over the years, it is still iconic. The establishment itself contains several bars, each with its own unique drinks menu, so you can choose the one that captures your fancy. The exterior of the building has a grand appearance, and the interior has a modern stylish design, although it still maintains its old-world charm. The bar has both indoor and outdoor sitting areas, both of which have a fantastic and laid back atmosphere. There are lots of historical memorabilia that are displayed inside the bar, and you can learn a lot about Brisbane from the displays.

The Platform Bar has an incredible selection of drinks, and you can get pretty much anything you want. They have great happy hour discount offers, most notably the fantastic house Shiraz which is sold at a throwaway price. They have plenty of beer options on tap, as well as a wide selection of bottled options. You can buy good quality wine by the glass or by the bottle, all at fair prices. The beers are always cold, and the wine is always properly chilled. They also offer attractive discounts during the weekend.

The dishes at the Platform Bar and its adjoining restaurant are always very fresh, well presented, and delicious. Popular menu items include the chicken Parma, beer battered fries, ham, chicken schnitzel, garlic bread, steak sandwiches, and tandoori chicken salad. You can always get decent vegetarian options, including veggie salads. The steaks are always cooked to perfection, and the chicken courses are always full of flavour. The menu also includes lots of popular pub grub items for those who aren’t looking for a full course meal. The servings are always very generous, and you are guaranteed good value for your money.

The employees at the Platform Bar are very efficient and friendly. They provide great service to everyone, and they offer useful information when you want to know more about certain food items or cocktails. For entertainment, the establishment brings in talented live music acts, especially during the weekends. They also have a number of television screens, and they show lots of interesting live matches, which attracts a sizable sports crowd. For groups of friends, the bar offers great Groupon deals which apply to both the food and the drinks.

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