The Ship Inn

The Ship Inn is located at the corner of Stanley and Sidon Streets in South Bank Parklands, Brisbane, in the CBD very close to our offices. The location is pretty convenient and easily accessible. The inn is close to lots of public transportation terminals, including bus stations, train stations, and the river ferry. It is a beautiful old hotel that has served Southbank residents and visitors for a long time, and it is a registered historic site. To many in Southbank, it is a great place to relax and have a drink or a quick meal. There's lots of parking at the inn, although as a tip, you should try to get there early so that you can take advantage of the early bird parking discounts.

The Ship Inn is a casual Aussie pub that is frequented by locals and tourists alike. It is close to Griffith University, and it’s popular among, students, staff and workshop attendees at the university. It also attracts a large after-work crowd, especially during happy hour. It is well suited for hosting large groups of friends, or colleagues, and it is, therefore, a great venue for office parties.

The design of the Ship Inn is pretty unique. The building still has an old-world charm, although it has undergone renovations in the recent past. It has large veranda sitting areas. There is also an outdoor beer garden that is covered by a canopy of palm trees. The indoor sitting area is roomy and it has a nice atmosphere. The extensive outdoor garden is great for large groups of friends, while the indoor area is more suited for smaller parties and intimate conversations.

The Ship Inn has a great selection of beer, a decent wine list, and lots of cocktail options. They have lots of local beers on tap, and the wine is fairly priced and of a great quality. They also offer a variety of barista style coffees, especially in the mornings and afternoons.

The food at the Ship Inn is pretty fantastic. Popular options on the menu include lamb shanks, rib steak, fish, and chips,  and a wide range of burgers. The mushroom sauce at the inn is probably the best that you can find in the city. If you are a vegetarian or you are just looking for healthy food choices, you will be pleased with the variety of salads at the inn. The inn also offers fantastic Asian and Middle Eastern dishes, which many patrons seem to love. They also have delicious calamari, as well as pork belly and slow-cooked beef cheeks. The shepherd’s pie at the inn is delicious and well presented. The stuffed chicken breast is also a big hit. For dessert, popular options include crème Broulee and brownies. Overall, the inn is a great place to enjoy contemporary Australian dishes as well as a wide selection of exotic dishes. If you don't need a heavy meal, you can enjoy some great pub snacks with your wine beer or cocktails. All meals are reasonably priced, and you certainly get good value for your money.

The service at the Ship Inn is excellent. Orders are always delivered in a prompt fashion, and everything is always well presented. Even if you are part of a big party, you can be assured that you will get enough sitting and the venue of course, is kept immaculately clean.

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