Transcontinental Hotel

The Transcontinental Hotel is located at 482 George Street, opposite Roma Street and the Transit Centre in Brisbane, just a few blocks from our Brisbane office. It is close the Suncorp Stadium (also called the Lang Park), as well as key public transportation terminals in the city. The Hotel is next to the railway station and the country bound bus terminal, so it's a great place for those who live outside to city to stop by for a drink in the evening before heading home. Because of its proximity to public transportation terminals, there isn’t much need for parking, although you can still find adequate space should you choose to drive there.

The bar attracts lots of different types of patrons, including the typical after work crowd during the weekdays, and people who are going to the Suncorp Stadium during the weekends. The place is optimized for big groups of people, so there is adequate sitting for office parties, groups of friends, or even family gatherings.

The sitting areas of the bar are well appointed, and there are many spacious and comfortable sitting options. The place is beautifully and traditionally furnished, and there is a dedicated smoking area out back. The dining area has a great décor which delicately balances industrial and modern elements together with some old heritage features. There is a large rear deck where customers can enjoy some fresh air as they eat and drink. The atmosphere at the bar is fairly festive. Despite being in the inner city and close to a number of transportation terminals, the bar a fairly quiet place, and the customers get to enjoy themselves in a laid-back environment.

The bar has a number of craft beers on tap, and they are always on rotation, so you will find different brands on different days. You can also find various bottled brands at the establishment if craft beer isn’t your thing. They also have a decent selection of wines as well as nice cocktails, all at reasonable prices. There is no restaurant markup on the wine list, so you get to enjoy high-quality wine at pub prices.

The meals at the Transcontinental Bar are decently portioned, fresh, and very tasty. Popular selections include pork belly with vegetables, barramundi with chips and salad, rump steak with various sauces, as well as a number of specials. People also seem to enjoy the chicken wings, the calamari, the Parma, and the steak sandwiches. The roast at the bar is always tender, well-seasoned, and filling. For a quick bite, you can opt for their burgers or their nachos.

The service at the Transcontinental Hotel Bar is pretty excellent, and the food and drink orders are often delivered quickly, even when the place is packed. Everyone is very professional, and the presentation is always well done. The staff is down to earth, and you can even ask to talk to the chef if you want to pass your compliments. Even when you order as a large group, everyone's food is prepared and delivered accurately. For entertainment, you can watch live sporting events on one of the large TV screens, or you can enjoy live music on specific nights. In general, the Transcontinental Hotel Bar offers great delicacies, well-priced drinks, great service, and the hotel cleaning, is always done immaculate, which all together makes it one of the best pubs in Brisbane.

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