Transit Tavern

The Transit Tavern is located at The Circuit at Skygate in The Village Markets in Brisbane. It is close to the Novotel Airport Hotel and it’s within the Brisbane Airport Sky Park Complex. It’s within walking distance from the Qantas and Virgin flight terminals. Its location within the airport precinct makes it a great place for those transiting through the Brisbane Airport to grab a quick meal or a drink. There are lots of parking spaces available within the area. The Transit Tavern is also right next to the Woolworths Shopping Mall which is popular among those in transit.

The Transit Tavern is mostly frequented by travellers who are either looking to board flights or are in a layover at Brisbane Airport. The tavern is family friendly, so you don’t have to worry about bringing children along. They always have enough food and refreshments for kids and adults alike, and it’s open for all meals, so you can go there for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Even if you bring your extended family along, you will be well accommodated at the tavern. The tavern has a relaxed atmosphere which allows you to relax after a tedious flight or before boarding one. The décor at the tavern is slightly dark in colour, but it’s clean, nice and very pleasant.

There is always a great assortment of drinks at the tavern, including lots of beer, wine, and cocktail options. Their sangria is pretty nice, and their chilled wine is always refreshing. They have lots of beer brands in stock, and you can always be sure that you will find the one you want. They also serve European style real ale, since a significant percentage of their customers are international travellers. The tavern also serves great coffee and different types of tea throughout the day for those who want to stay sharp during or after their flights.

The breakfast menu at the Transit Tavern is pretty good. They serve excellent eggs benedict with bacon, and on the weekends, breakfast specials include free tea or coffee. It's the perfect place to have the most important meal of the day if you have an early morning flight. Their eggs are always nicely cooked, and you can choose between poached, scrambled or fried. You can also opt for toast, sausages or hash brown. Their breakfast options also include sides of avocado, mushrooms, and tomatoes.

Their lunch and dinner menus include steak, beef pies, avocado schnitzels, fresh salads, chicken wings, and pasta. The steaks and ribs are very delicious, and they are a big hit with many of their customers. The chicken wing servings are pretty generous, with each bucket contains about 10 pieces. If you bring your kids along, they will enjoy the spaghetti carbonara and the ice cream and chocolate sauce desserts. The fish and chips are perfectly cooked, and they pair well with some chilled wine. As for vegetables, you can always order some snow peas, broccoli, or an entire veggie salad.

The bartenders and waiters are very friendly, efficient and hardworking. They are always serving customers with a smile, clearing tables, and restocking shelves, cupboards, and fridges. Since the tavern services an airport, there is always a constant flow of customers, but the staff works really hard to attend to everyone. The service is always fast, even when the place is really busy. For an airport pub, the prices at the Transit Tavern are pretty decent.

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