Queen Street Mall

Queen Street Mall is located right at the heart of the shopping and lifestyle precinct in Brisbane City, Queensland. The mall receives more than 26 million visitors every year, and it’s likely the most popular pedestrian mall Australia-wide. It has lots of flagship stores, which include local, national, and international retail brands. There are over 700 retailers within the premises, which makes the mall the ultimate shopping destination for locals and tourists alike. The mall has over 40,000 square metres of retail space, and it stretches for about 500 metres between Edward Street and George Street.

The mall was originally opened in the early 1980s when Brisbane hosted the Commonwealth Games. At the time, it covered a much smaller area, which was set aside to serve as a pedestrian-only retail precinct, but thanks to its popularity, it was expanded a few years later to cover the much larger area it occupies today. In the late 1990s, the mall underwent extensive renovations and refurbishments. That is when it gained its iconic grey slate tile footpaths, its well-groomed trees and shrubs, and its numerous park benches in the outdoor areas. Thanks to these renovations, the mall now feels like a well maintained public park which offers every retail option a modern consumer might be interested in.

Thanks to the massive nature of Queen Street Mall, finding the exact retail option that you are looking for can be a bit of a challenge, so, here’s a simple guide to the more popular plazas and arcades:

The most popular shopping centres at the mall include; Wintergarden, Queen’s Plaza, The Myer Centre, Brisbane Arcade, Queen Adelaide Building, Broadway on the Mall, Tattersall’s Arcade, and the Q&A Building.

Wintergarden is a shopping centre that has been part of the mall from the very beginning, and it has an iconic butterfly sculpture on its façade. It has multiple levels which are lined with boutiques and high-end clothing stores. Local, national, and international fashion brands are well represented in this complex. They have stores managed by a wide range of designers, and they even have several dedicated menswear stores. The shopping centre has a massive food court below ground, and it has several casual dining restaurants and even a bowling bar.

Queens Plaza houses Queensland’s flagship David Jones department store, and it has some of the world’s most luxurious jewellery and fashion brands on the ground floor. The upper levels of the plaza house high-end fashion labels, cosmetic brands, and florist shops. The plaza also has grab-and-go eateries on the lower levels and a circular food court in the downstairs area. They also have beauty stores, hair salons, cosmetic surgery clinics, and supermarkets.

The Myer Centre is by far the biggest of all the shopping complexes on Queen Street Mall. It’s located on George Street, at the far end of the mall. It doubles as a shopping and entertainment centre. At the highest levels of the complex, they have Event Cinemas and games arcades, mostly for kids, along with several retail shops. The food court at Myer Centre is so massive that it spans 2 entire levels. The Myer Department Store mostly carries women’s fashion stores, but it also has several dedicated men’s fashion and suit stores.

Brisbane Arcade is located in a historic building that predates the Queen Street Mall. The arcade was constructed in 1923, but it has been modernised, and it now contains boutique stores. Most of the stores in this arcade are operated by local fashion designers and jewellers.

All the other shopping centres have similar layouts. Major global fashion brands have ground-floor shops that open to the streets, and all major banks have small branches and ATM vestibules all over the place. Global tech brands such as Apple, HP, and Microsoft also have shops and customer services centres in Queen Street Mall, and shoppers are assured of getting the latest flagship phones, computers, and other gadgets at the mall.

Queen Street Mall is a vibrant shopping destination that keeps expanding every day and, it attracts locals and tourists who enjoy high fashion and luxurious living. It’s easily accessible by public transportation because the Queen Street Bus Station is located underneath Queen Street Mall.

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