Suncorp Stadium

Suncorp Stadium, also known as Lang Park, is located at 40 Castlemaine Street in Brisbane. It is a general purpose stadium which has a three-tier sporting ground and a pavilion which can accommodate over 52,000 people. The stadium is in the Brisbane suburb of Milton, and it’s one of the city’s most important attractions. It’s mostly used for rugby league and rugby union games, as well as for football matches. The stadium was established more than 100 years ago, but it was redeveloped in the early 2000s.

The redevelopment of the stadium started in 2001 and ended in 2003. The whole project cost about $280 million, and the end result was the state of the art stadium that many have argued is the best in the southern hemisphere. During redevelopment, the main grandstand of the stadium was rebuilt from the ground up, and its sitting capacity was increased from 40,000 to the current 52,000. Three-quarters of the seats at the stadium are covered by the roof, and only a quarter are exposed in the event that it rains.

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Suncorp Stadium is only a few minutes from the city centre and it’s serviced by a robust public transportation system. During its redevelopment, the stadium was deliberately designed without a parking lot for a number of reasons. One reason was that they wanted to reduce traffic congestion in the residential areas that are close to the stadium, especially during the days when big sporting events were scheduled. Because the stadium has no parking, people who drive up there have to first visit pubs, cafes, bars, and restaurants that are close to the stadium, and they end up promoting those local businesses. In fact, for many Brisbane sports fans, stopping by a pub before heading to Suncorp Stadium is a key part of the match day experience.

You can also get to the Suncorp Stadium by walking from the CBD or taking the ferry up to the Milton CityCat stop, which is pretty close to the stadium. If you want to get there by bus, there is one that goes from the city to the stadium every 15 minutes. During match days, or when there is a special event at the stadium, Brisbane Transport provides frequent shuttle bus services, from the CBD and other parts of the city to the stadium. You can also take the train and stop at the Roma Street station or the Milton station and walk to the stadium. If you are a ticket holder, you can get a free train ride during match days.

If there is an upcoming high profile rugby league, soccer match or rugby union game in Queensland, chances are that it will be played at the Suncorp Stadium. The stadium is the home of the Queensland Reds Super Rugby team.  It's also home to Brisbane Roar, the A league football team, and the Brisbane Broncos, the national league rugby team.

Like all other stadiums, there are several types of seats at the Suncorp. There are 5,000 special seats for stadium members, 1,500 corporate suite seats, close to 900 corporate box seats, over 200 spaces for wheelchairs, and the remaining 44,000 seats are open to the general public.

When you are at the stadium, you never have to go hungry. There are lots of fine dining venues, corporate hospitality facilities, and other types of eateries at the stadium or close by. Depending on your level of access, you can go for some fine dining at the Milton Room, the Stadium Members’ Dining Room, the Skyline Lounge, the Paddington Room, the Northern and Southern Terrace Grills, the In-Goal Clubs, or the Code Member Lounge. All of the corporate suites and boxes at the stadium also have their own hospitality services. However, the typical match day meal for the average fan is usually fast food and some beer from one of the 25 food outlets and 34 bars that are spread all over the stadium and its surroundings.

The stadium's management has installed lots of equipment and facilities to ensure that match-goers have the best possible experience at Suncorp. To make it easy for people to get around, there are 10 passenger lifts, 2 escalators, and more than 50 turnstiles at the stadium. The exit gate is 90 metres wide, so there is no congestion when people leave the stadium. There are more than 30 ticket sales windows and there are five ATMs at the stadium, so you have an easy time getting cash and purchasing your ticket. There are also 2 giant replay screens and more than 400 TV screens at the stadium, so you won’t miss any key match moments.

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