Free Commercial Cleaning Contracts
Who in their right mind would actually pay for a commercial cleaning Contract, when Smart Cleaning Solutions is giving them away?

But why do we give away the same cleaning contracts that other companies sell for thousands, or only give to people who pay them enormous ($50,000 +) Franchise fees and ongoing commissions?

At Smart Cleaning, we really value good cleaners, so much so we are prepared to give them as many commercial cleaning contracts as they can handle, for nothing – provided they can meet our required professional standards, which are as simple as proving to us that you are legally set up the way you need to be to run a cleaning business and are also diligent, able and reliable.

So if you are an experienced cleaner or someone willing to work hard to own their own business, we have a genuine opportunity for you.

But there’s 1 small catch…

1. Owning a Company with an ACN ( an ABN is not enough!)
2. Have your own Public Liability Insurance
3. Have your own cleaning equipment (or be willing to get it) and
4. Have your Own Transport.
If you don’t have these things but you are an EXPERIENCED cleaner we are also willing to talk to you, but…

***You MUST get public liability insurance and be willing to register your own company ***
If you can’t do this please don’t ask us for a free cleaning contract because you won't get one!


  • Regular and reliable fortnightly payments, paid on time, as agreed
  • Free Commercial Cleaning Contracts
  • The best support in the industry.

What exactly does that mean?
It means we get you the job, help you get it started, show you what is required to keep the client satisfied and even manage all the client liason issues and administration.

You are paid fortnightly, into your bank account, like clockwork and as long as the client is happy, we can help you to get more contracts everybody wins. Your success is our success.

We have multiple subcontractors with 10+ contracts so this is a real opportunity to grow a successful business.


If you already own a company please send us an application by registering here:
1. confirming your ABN
2. Sending a copy of your Public Liability Policy
3. Confirming the number of cleaners you have on your books
4. Supplying your full name, email and phone number
5. Supplying a summary of the types of places you have cleaned before.

If you are an experienced cleaner wanting to start your own business, please understand it will cost about $1000 to set up an ACN and get public liability insurance. If you can’t or won’t do that, please don’t bother applying, you don’t qualify.

However, if you are willing to become compliant with points 1-4 under our eligibility criteria, then please apply here:

1. Your name, phone number, email address and
2. A resume detailing your experience
3. A brief written explanation of why you would be a good person for us to support in setting up your own business.

We can steer you in a good direction to get your set up requirements met.