Why would anyone in their right mind pay $50-60,000 to buy a cleaning franchise – risking their valuable savings or even worse, plunging themselves into debt, for nothing more than the promise of a few jobs, a fancy logo and 500 business cards?

That's all that most cleaning franchise agreements amount to, and it just doesn’t make sense…

Especially when it's only IF the franchise actually get you jobs that you earn money - and you'll still have to pay something like a 24% commission for the privilege.

So how is that a good deal???

Seriously, the only way you could possibly view this as a good deal is if you were the Franchise owner! 

At Smart Cleaning Solutions we do things Differently…

We really value good cleaners, so much so that we are prepared to offer you as many commercial cleaning contracts as you prove to us you can handle, for nothing – provided you meet our required professional standards, which is pretty much as simple as being properly legal, able, diligent and reliable.

So if you are an experienced cleaner or someone wanting to own their own business, we have a genuine business opportunity for you that eliminates all the risk associated with buying a franchise and provide you with all of the benefits, - infact even better benefits.

but there’s 1 small catch…

1. A Company ACN (i.e. your own registered company , an ACN is not enough!)
2. Your own Public Liability Insurance
3. Your own cleaning equipment
4. Your Own Transport (i.e. multi-site capabilities).

If you don’t have these things but you are an EXPERIENCED cleaner with good English and communication skills, and understand the importance of good grooming and a professional presentation, we're also willing to consider giving you an agreement with us that amounts to a free cleaning franchise, but…

***You MUST be willing to register your own company and get public liability insurance***
Otherwise forget it!

Regular and reliable fortnightly payments, paid on time, into your bank account, as agreed
Free Commercial Cleaning Contracts
The best support in the industry.

What do we mean by the best support in the industry?
It means we will get you the job, help you get the job started, explain to you exactly what’s required to keep the client, and even more importantly, manage all communications with the client to ensure they are happy and satisfied.

If the clients happy, we are happy, you keep the contract, we can supply you with more contracts and you can grow your business.

Your success is our success. We take care of getting you clients, all client liaison and administration, you only have to focus on doing the cleaning.

We have many subcontractors on our books with 10+ contracts so please understand this is a genuine opportunity to grow your existing cleaning business, or start and grow a successful cleaning business of your own.

If you already own a cleaning company, apply here:
1. confirming your ABN
2. Sending a copy of your Public Liability Policy
3. Confirming the number of cleaners you have on your books
4. Supplying your full name, email and phone number
5. Supplying a summary of the types of places you have cleaned before.

If you are an experienced cleaner wanting to start your own business, please understand it will cost about $1000 to set up an ACN and get public liability insurance. If you can’t or won’t do that, then don’t bother applying, you don’t qualify. However, if you are willing to set up an ACN and get public liability insurance, then please apply here:

1. Your name, phone number, email address and
2. A resume detailing your experience
3. A brief written explanation of why you would be a good person for us to support in setting up your own business.