Link Between Dust and Fat Proven

Research Shows a Link Between Dust & Increased Production of Fat Cells I’ll bet you didn’t know that dust commonly found in indoor environments could be making you gain weight? Neither did I until I heard about this study done at Duke University. The study shows that common compounds found in […] Read more »

The Ugly Truth about Sanitation in Gyms

The amount of pathogens that end up on common items in the gym is a shock to most people, and recently researchers were astonished to discover that free weights used in a gym can contain over 360 times more pathogens and bacteria than the seat on a public toilet, treadmills can contain […] Read more »

Cleaning to Prevent the Transmission of Infectious Diseases

Hygienic cleaning practices are important in all public areas, for example toilets, lunchrooms and gymnasiums, but they are even more important in childcare centres, aged care centres, and hospitals because the young, the old and the sick are particularly vulnerable to all sorts of infections. These three groups tend to […] Read more »

Cleaning Hotel Bathrooms and Toilets

 As a general rule, all hotels bathrooms and toilets should be thoroughly scrubbed, cleaned and disinfected after one guest leaves and before the next one checks in. Dirty bathrooms and toilets can be off-putting to guests, and in poorly cleaned facilities, they can even be potential health hazards. The last […] Read more »

The Best Way to Clean a Hotel Room

Cleanliness is perhaps the most important factor that guests consider when they are deciding whether or not to return to your hotel. A hotel could have the best amenities, spacious rooms, and delightful receptionists, but no one would want to stay in it for a second time if the rooms […] Read more »