Hotel Bondi

The hotel is located at 178 Campbell Parade in Bondi, New South Wales. This is a pretty great location since it overlooks the Bondi Beach. It’s often bustling with tourists and locals who have come to have a good time at the beach.

About Bondi Beach

The beach is about 7 kilometres from Sydney's CBD, and it's popular with both locals and tourists. There are lots of hotels, restaurants, cafes, and other recreational facilities within the vicinity of the beach, but the most notable one among them is Hotel Bondi. It was built about 100 years ago, right after World War 1, so it's an important landmark and heritage site. Apart from Hotel Bondi, other landmarks at the beach include the Swiss Grand Hotel and the Beach Road Hotel. The beach also has a cultural centre called the Bondi Pavilion, which has studios, a gallery, a theatre, and an art workshop. The Bondi Pavilion is a state heritage site, and it is where most events and functions are held.

The Bar at Hotel Bondi

The bar has a bright décor on the inside and a nice sitting area on the outside. Since it's a beachside bar, it has an extraordinarily nice ambiance, great natural lighting, and there is always a cool breeze blowing through it.

The service at the bar is pretty good, and they use a buzzer system at the restaurant. This means that when you order your food, they give you a beeper which will go off when it is ready. There are lots of great fast food options on the menu, including fried chicken burgers, Caesar salad, soft tacos, sweet potato chips, and Buffalo wings.

The drinks at the bar are pretty affordable, especially during happy hour. They have a great selection of beer, and their wine glasses are always filled to the brim. They also make lots of unique cocktails from freshly squeezed fruits and a great assortment of hard liquor. There is a special section of the bar that only opens during the weekend. This section is called the Curlewis Bar, and it’s usually characterised by live music, cheerful crowds, and fancy cocktails.

Another great bar in Sydney is the Kirribili Club Sports Bar

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