Pier Hotel

Pier Hotel is located at 1751 Botany Road in Banksmeadow, Botany Bay, New South Wales. The pub at the hotel attracts a large crowd of local patrons every single evening. It is the perfect place to hold an informal get together with friends or colleagues. The pub has undergone a few renovations in the recent past, and although it has a modern look, it still maintains most of its old-school appeal.

The Pier Hotel pub offers bistro style food which is always freshly made and generously served. The hotel has all day dining, so no matter what time you show up, you can always get something to eat. You can opt for a delicious bucket of chicken wings, wonderful chicken Parma, a Caesar salad, or barramundi fish at the restaurant. They also have a wide range of fantastic high-quality burgers, including both meat and vegetarian options. Their salads and chips are very popular, and everything is usually cooked to perfection. Their pizzas are always oven fresh and very tasty.  The best dishes on their regular menu are the steaks and the schnitzels. Additionally, they have a specials menu that changes every week. Depending on when you visit, you might be lucky enough to find beef cheeks or chili mussels on the specials menu.

The pub has a great selection of excellent beer, a decent wine list, and lots of fruity cocktails. There is a comfortable sitting area that can accommodate dozens of people. You can book the restaurant for a cocktail style party of up to 80 people, or for a dinner party of up to 60 people. The interior of the restaurant has a great modern décor, and everything looks pretty new since it was recently refurbished. The atmosphere is very relaxing and laid back. The restaurant staff is very friendly and welcoming, and all food and drink orders are delivered promptly.

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