The World Bar

The World Bar is located at 24 Bayswater Road, in Sydney, New South Wales. It's a popular pub that's usually full of backpackers and international student. It's situated in the King's Cross Region of Sydney, and its location is slightly hidden.

The drinks at The World Bar are really cheap, which is surprising for a bar that is central to the city. Cocktails at the bar are usually served in small teapots, and you will be given shot glasses which you can fill on your own. You can choose between wine, beer, and the popular teapot cocktails. The bar has a decent selection of local beers and good quality wine. If you are hungry, you can get delicious burgers and pizzas right at the bar.

The atmosphere at The World Bar is great. The bar has a number of different areas where you can sit, relax and enjoy your drinks. Although it’s usually very busy, you can always find a comfortable place to settle down. The bar has live music on most days of the week. There are usually lots of entertaining musical performances from amateur musicians, and if you feel like it, you can have your drinks in the live music room.

The World Bar also has a dance floor which has a nice selection of music. There are usually different activities in different rooms, so you can walk around the venue and choose where you want to spend your evening. Sunday night is usually comedy night at The World Bar, so you can enjoy some stand-up comedy if you want to.

The best thing about The World Bar is that it is very dynamic. It is a bar, a restaurant, a comedy club, a dance club, and a live music club, all wrapped up into one establishment. The waiters at the bar are usually very friendly, and they offer great service.

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