Sydney Tower

Sydney Tower is located at 100 Market Street in Westfield, Sydney. It is the tallest structure in the city and it's sometimes referred to as the 'Centre point'. It's also the second tallest observation tower in the southern hemisphere. Other names for the tower include the 'Sydney Tower Eye', the 'Westfield Centre point Tower', and the 'AMP Tower'. The tower is located right at the city's CBD, and its 309 metres tall. It’s visible from many different points in the city, so most people who are new to the city use it as a landmark and a reference point to help them get around Sydney. The tower is usually accessible to the public on most days, and it has a restaurant, a shopping centre, and an observation deck that is a big hit with the tourists.

The main sections of Sydney Tower

The tower has 4 sections that are accessible to visitors and tourists. At the first level of the tower, there is a restaurant called 360 Bar and Dining. This restaurant has a revolving panoramic view of the Sydney skyline. On the second level of the tower, there is a self-service restaurant. This restaurant is called the Sydney Tower Buffet, and its customers can enjoy a wide variety of dishes while watching the city from a bird’s eye view. The third level of the tower contains an establishment known as Studio. This is an event space that can be booked for parties, meetings, or conferences. For official events, it can sit about 150 people, and for cocktail parties, it can host up to 200 guests. The view from the Studio is pretty spectacular, although you have to be invited to a private party if you want to enjoy it.

The fourth and final level of the tower is the observation deck, which is often referred to as the Sydney Tower Eye. To get to the deck, you have to buy a pass or a ticket from the company that operates it. The deck is 250 metres high, and it has a 360-degree view of the city. The deck has a gift shop and an area where you can monitor the weather conditions over the city. The deck also has a skywalk, which is an open-air platform that encircles to Sydney Tower Eye. The skywalk has a glass floor, so you can see all the way down to the ground. There is also a 4-dimensional cinema at the arcade in the observation deck. This cinema is the first of its kind in the entire country. There are three double-deck high-speed lifts that are used to carry guests up to the observation deck.

History of Sydney Tower

The first concept design of the tower was created in 1968. The offices beneath the tower were constructed from 1970, while construction of the actual tower started in 1975. The entire project cost $36 million, and the tower was officially opened to the public in 1981. The tower was originally managed by AMP, but later, Westfield Group took over. Currently, the observation deck is managed by Merlin Entertainments.

Important events that were held at Sydney Tower

In the past, there have been multiple important events that have taken place at the tower. When Sydney hosted the Olympics in 2000, the tower was beautified with multiple sculptures that celebrated the prowess of Australian athletes. During a number of ceremonies and holiday celebrations over the last couple of decades, the tower has been used as a launching point for spectacular fireworks displays over the city's skyline. The New Year's Eve fireworks are usually shot from Sydney Tower. The tower also hosts a stairs challenge every year. Participants have to run up a flight of over 1500 stairs, from the Pitt Street Mall, all the way to the Observation Deck. The proceeds from this competition are usually donated to the Cancer Council.

If you are looking for something fun to do in Sydney, we recommend going on a skywalk on the Sydney Tower Eye. This activity is not for the faint of heart. It's perhaps the most exhilarating thing that you can do in the city. If you are interested in seeing more of the unique and historic architecture in Sydney you should definitely visit Sydney University.

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