The University of Sydney

The main campus of the University of Sydney is considered one of the most beautiful college campuses in the world, and it’s often compared to the Cambridge and Oxford campuses. It’s located in the Camperdown and Darlington suburbs of Sydney. Its original buildings have a neo-gothic architectural design, and they were constructed with the same sandstone used in pylons at the base of the Harbour Bridge.  The main campus of the university houses the administration, and the faculties of Engineering, Architecture, Science, Arts, Education and Social Work, Economics and Business, Veterinary Science, and Pharmacy. The Faculty of Medicine is also based in the main campus, although it has branches in a number of teaching hospitals across New South Wales.

The University of Sydney has a number of satellite campuses. The Cumberland campus is located in the Sydney suburb of Lidcombe, and it offers a number of health science courses. The Sydney Dental Hospital is also a campus of The University of Sydney. It’s located in Surry Hills, and it’s where the university’s dental students do their practical training. The Camden Campus is situated in rural Sydney, and it has agricultural research farms for veterinary and agricultural students. The Rozelle Campus is located in the Rozelle suburb near Port Jackson, and it is home to the Sydney College of Arts, where students learn fine and visual arts. The faculty of Arts is itself based on the Mallett Street Campus. The Sydney Conservatorium of Music, which is located in the city's CBD, is part of the Department of Music of The University of Sydney.

Apart from the main campus and the satellite campuses, The University of Sydney also operates a number of heritage sites, research facilities, and healthcare facilities. The university's School of Medicine is affiliated with multiple hospitals and clinics around the city. The university also runs the Molonglo Observatory, the Athursleigh Agricultural Estate, Taylors College, One Tree Island, The IA Watson Grains Research Centre, and an expeditionary base camp called Maningrida.

The main attractions at the university

The Nicholson Museum is Australia’s oldest university museum, and it has a large collection of antiques and artifacts from across the world. It has archaeological artefacts from Greece, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Rome, and the Middle East. The university also operates the Macleay Museum, which has an insect collection that dates back to the eighteenth century.

The university has an art collection of more than 7000 pieces. The art pieces are housed at the War Memorial Art Gallery and the Sir Hermann Black Gallery. The university also has an art gallery of its own, which has hosted multiple exhibitions over the decades.

The university has 11 individual libraries, which are spread across its various campuses. It also has a Rare Books Library which has a collection of 185 thousand books that are extremely valuable.

History of the University

The University of Sydney was founded after the Sydney College was expanded into a full-fledged university. It was officially established in 1850, and it was inaugurated in 1852. It was given its charter by Queen Victoria because at the time, its curriculums were designed to be at par with those offered in British universities. Throughout its existence, the university has continuously expanded, and it has produced so of the most prolific figures in Australia. During the 1960s, the university pioneered courses in feminism, and it was at the centre of an important cultural revolution in the country. Currently, the university has over 50 thousand students in its rolls. More than 33 thousand are undergraduates, while close to 20 thousand are postgraduate students.
Notable accomplishments

  • Five prime ministers, including Malcolm Turnbull who is currently in office, studied at The University of Sydney.
  • Five different Nobel Laureates either studied at the university, or they served as members of staff.
  • The university's School of Law has produced many Chief Justices, Attorneys-General, Opposition Leaders, Governors-General, and High Court Justices.
  • The university has contributed to some of the most significant advances in the field of physics over the past century.

Academic performance

The University of Sydney was ranked 50th in the world in 2018. It has some of the most competitive degree programs in the world, including those in Anatomy and Physiology, Education, Law, Architecture, and Civil Engineering.  In terms of graduate employability, the university is ranked 4th in the world, and 1st in Australia. The university consistently appears on the top one hundred global ranking lists, irrespective of the criteria that are being used to determine the rankings. The university has also recently won a number of research grants and endowments, including medical research grants, archaeology grants, and anthropology grants.

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