What are the most Common Reasons for Sacking a Commercial Cleaner?

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Cleaning isn’t rocket science, so you’d think hiring a cleaner for your business would be a straight forward process, right? Well unfortunately, no!

"Every year, almost half the people hiring a contract cleaner sack them, either in the middle of their contract, or when their contract is expired, because they’re unhappy with the service they're receiving and go in search of a better more reliable cleaner" says Smart Cleaning Solutions CEO Nicholas Pastras.

So, what are the main reasons why people sack commercial cleansers?

How to hire the right commercial cleaning company

Empty Promises & Unclear Scope of Works

The most common reason people cite as the reason for sacking a cleaner is “They just didn’t deliver”- In short, they simply failed to do what they said they would do. In the cleaning business, good work often goes unnoticed, but bad work gets you sacked, says Pastras, who is someone who should know. The best solution to this is a clear cleaning schedule and specification of tasks. (The checklist you can download on this page has eight simple questions to ask to make sure you get an adequate cleaning schedule and scope of works)

A Lack of Experience

Cleaning isn’t rocket science, so a lot of times people think the only thing they need to get a good cleaner is enthusiasm. Unfortunately, enthusiasm is not enough. To maintain standards, day in day out, 365 days a year, requires professionalism, organisation and good supervision (The checklist has two simple questions to ask to make sure you get a cleaner with adequate experience cleaning your business.)

They Didn’t Listen

"We told them again and again but they forgot this, they always missed that, we told them a million times, but they just wouldn’t listen, so in the end we had to sack them". (The checklist we recommend you download has six simple questions in it to ask a cleaner about their communications processes before you hire them.)

They Exposed Our Business to Risks
“They were so unprofessional, they left the front door open overnight.” That’s one we’ve heard over and over, says Pastras.  Another thing to watch out for is that anyone you have in your premises after hours is of good character, because something else we hear from people when they hire us is we had to get rid of the old cleaner because ‘things were going missing’.

At Smart clean we take care of this risk by ensuring that all our cleaners are police checked before we engage them. (Our checklist has five simple questions you need to ask a prospective cleaner to make sure your they don’t inadvertently expose your business to risk and financial loss).

A Lack of Quality Control Systems

Anyone can tell you that they will clean your business reliably day in day out, but it’s much harder to do than say. That’s why it’s important that your cleaning requirements are documented and that your cleaner is able to demonstrate that they have systems and processes in place to ensure that your cleaning standards are maintained and met consistently.

(Our checklist has seven simple questions you need to ask a prospective cleaner to make sure they have adequate Quality Control processes in place).


The final step in the process of hiring a cleaning company is entering into a services agreement. But there can be a number of ‘gotcha’ points you need to look out for in cleaning contracts and our free checklist points out 8 things you need to look out for when reading over a cleaning services agreement, and how to change them, before you sign it.

Knowing why people sack cleaners and the things to look out for when hiring a cleaner greatly simplifies the task of hiring a good cleaner. Take advantage of this knowledge when you next need to hire a cleaner for your facility, and make sure to download our free checklist for interviewing a commercial cleaner, which outlines the process of interviewing a cleaner so you can make sure you get a truly professional and reliable cleaning service provider the next time you tender.

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